About this product

The Plug (#15133-33040), a vital component in the Engine Oil Pump system of Toyota vehicles, plays a significant role in maintaining optimal engine performance. This engine-fuel part helps maintain a balanced pressure within the system, allowing for smooth oil circulation. Genuine Toyota parts like the Plug (#15133-33040) can significantly enhance vehicle compatibility, given they are designed to fit perfectly into the Toyota's intricate engine mechanics. However, over time, the Plug (#15133-33040) may become worn or clogged, which could interfere with the engine’s oil pressure and lead to potential engine damage. This necessitates regular checks and replacement of the Plug (#15133-33040) to prevent such issues. Backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, replacement Plug (#15133-33040)s offer the assurance of quality and compatibility. By doing its job effectively, the Plug (#15133-33040) directly contributes to the overall efficiency of the engine, sustaining its performance and safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 15133-33040

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