Front Door Armrest Plug Left Hand

About this product

The Front Door Armrest Plug Left Hand (#74242-0E010-B0), an integral part of Toyota's Front Door Panel & Glass system, is primarily designed to securely cover the holes in the door armrest. This plug functions to protect the internal mechanisms of the car door from dust and debris, which could impair their operation over time. It also provides a streamlined finish to the car's interior aesthetics. Genuine Toyota parts, such as the Front Door Armrest Plug Left Hand (#74242-0E010-B0), aid in maintaining vehicle compatibility and are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. If this plug becomes old, broken or non-functional, the unprotected door mechanisms can accumulate dirt and debris, leading to potential malfunctions. Regular replacement of the Front Door Armrest Plug Left Hand (#74242-0E010-B0) is therefore crucial for maintaining the efficiency and safety of the vehicle's door operation system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 74242-0E010-B0
Color Name Gray

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