Governor Sleeve Plug

About this product

The Governor Sleeve Plug (#22787-64643), a vital component in the Injection Pump Body system of Toyota Autoparts, is primarily responsible for regulating fuel flow in the engine. Its function is to balance engine speed and load, hence maintaining optimal fuel efficiency. Genuine Toyota parts like these ensure a perfect fit and uncompromising quality, upheld by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This part requires periodic replacement as an old or clogged plug can result in harmful irregularities in fuel flow, potentially leading to engine failure. With a functioning Governor Sleeve Plug (#22787-64643), the vehicle's engine operates at peak efficiency, enhancing fuel economy and reducing emissions. However, a worn-out or faulty plug can compromise the system's safety and efficiency. The Governor Sleeve Plug (#22787-64643), thus, aids in maintaining the overall safety and operational efficiency of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 22787-64643

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