Hole Plug

About this product

The Hole Plug (#90950-01027), an integral component in the Rear Body Side Panel system of your Toyota vehicle, plays a crucial role in maintaining the structural integrity of the vehicle's body. This auto part works by fitting into specific placements, providing coverage and protection from external elements like dust, moisture, and debris. Being a body part, it is not immune to wear and tear. Over time, these Hole Plug (#90950-01027)s can become damaged, old, or clogged, compromising their function and leaving potential gaps in the vehicle body. This could lead to increased exposure to environmental factors and potential corrosion of interior components. Only authentic Toyota parts like our Hole Plug (#90950-01027)s provide the surety of perfect fit and compatibility with your vehicle. Furthermore, these genuine parts benefit from Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Regular replacement of this part is essential for maintaining the car's safety and efficiency. By functioning optimally, it ensures a seamless protective layer that contributes to the overall durability of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 53701-22090;53701-22120;53701-30901;53701-30902;53701-30903;53701-30904;53701-30905;53701-30907;53701-30908;53701-30911;53702-30901;53702-30902;53702-30903;53702-30904;53702-30905;53702-30906;53702-30907;53702-30908;53702-30909;53702-30910;55101-14010;55101-14030;55101-14080;58311-60220;58315-26130;63105-90K00;63105-90K02;65826-34010;65827-34010;90950-01088 More
Part Number 90950-01027

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