Hole Plug

About this product

The Hole Plug (#90950-01871), a crucial Body part in the Side Member system of Toyota vehicles, plays an important role. This part essentially seals off an opening or hole in the vehicle's body, preventing debris, dust, moisture, and other unwanted elements from entering the system. Fitted correctly, these plugs help maintain the cleanliness and integrity of the vehicle's underlying structure. Just like any other part, the Hole Plug (#90950-01871) can degrade over time. An old, broken or clogged Hole Plug (#90950-01871) may allow harmful elements to infiltrate your vehicle, risking damage to other components. Regular replacement of this part is therefore essential for the vehicle's wellbeing. When choosing replacements, remember that genuine Toyota parts are not only perfectly compatible with your vehicle but also come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty for peace of mind. In the overall context, a well-functioning Hole Plug (#90950-01871) contributes to the durability and safety of your vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 61110-42040;61110-42050;61120-42040;61120-42050;61131-07010;61132-07010;61310-42010;61310-42020;61311-07010;61312-07010;61320-42010;61320-42020;61411-42010;61411-42011;61411-42012;61411-42021;61411-42022;61411-42023;61411-42030;61412-42010;61412-42011;61412-42012;61412-42021;61412-42022;61412-42023;61412-42030;61610-42010;61610-42011;61610-42012;61610-42020;61610-42021;61610-42030;61610-42031;61610-42040;61620-42010;61620-42011;61620-42012;61620-42020;61620-42021;61620-42040;61620-42041;61620-42050;90950-01921 More
Part Number 90950-01871

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