Inverter Drain Plug Kit

About this product

The Inverter Drain Plug Kit (#04899-47060) falls under the category of electrical components in the Hv Inverter system of your Toyota vehicle. This crucial auto part plays a pivotal role in managing the flow of coolant to keep the inverter system at an optimal temperature. The kit consists of a plug that is designed to fit perfectly in genuine Toyota vehicles, reducing the risk of leaks or system malfunctions. As with all genuine Toyota parts, this kit is backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The Inverter Drain Plug Kit (#04899-47060) needs periodic replacements as a faulty, old or clogged plug can disrupt the coolant flow, leading to overheating of the inverter. This could incur substantial repair costs and compromise the vehicle's performance. In conclusion, this part enhances the efficiency of the Hv Inverter system and contributes significantly to the safe and smooth operation of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 04899-47060

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