Plate Plug

About this product

The Plate Plug (#90333-30004), a vital auto body part in the Side Moulding system, primarily acts to seal the gap between the side moulding and the vehicle frame. Working in conjunction with the entire moulding system, it protects the vehicle from dust, moisture, and other external elements, keeping the interior mechanisms clean and functional. Periodic replacement of the Plate Plug (#90333-30004) is essential. As it ages, the part may corrode or break, allowing dirt and moisture to intrude into the vehicle, which could lead to damage of other components. Genuine Toyota parts offer optimal compatibility with your vehicle and come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In terms of overall efficiency and safety, a well-maintained Plate Plug (#90333-30004) contributes to the integrity of the Side Moulding system, keeping the vehicle secure from external harm, and ensuring a smooth, problem-free ride.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 55111-34020;57102-06010;57102-33010;57112-06010;57112-33010;57401-06010;57401-33010;57402-06010;57402-33010;57601-06010;57601-06020;57601-06030;57601-33010;57602-06010;57602-06020;57602-06030;57602-33010;57602-33020;57606-20140;57606-20141;57606-20160;57606-20161;58027-16010;58027-16020;58111-16060;67005-16280;75707-06010;75707-32010;75707-32011;75708-06010;75708-32010;75708-32011;75755-06010;75755-32030;75756-06010;75756-32030 More
Part Number 90333-30004

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