Socket Plug

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The Socket Plug (#90075-60028), an integral auto part in Toyota's Electrical Headlamp, Front Turn Signal Lamp, Front Clearance Lamp, and Rear Combination Lamp systems, functions as the connection point for the electrical circuits. This crucial part ensures efficient power transmission to the lamps, facilitating seamless illumination. Genuine Toyota parts, such as this Socket Plug (#90075-60028), support vehicle compatibility and are covered by Toyota's parts warranty. With time, these socket plugs may wear out or become damaged, impairing their performance. A worn-out or non-functional socket plug may result in inconsistent lighting or even complete lamp failure, creating a safety hazard due to decreased visibility. Regular replacement of the Socket Plug (#90075-60028) with a genuine part not only bolsters the lamp's functionality but also enhances the vehicle's overall operational safety and efficiency.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 81110-47181;81110-47840;81110-48E20;81110-60G90;81110-60G91;81110-60G92;81110-60J90;81110-60J91;81110-60J92;81110-60K30;81110-44320;81110-60K32;81150-22B30;81150-44320;81150-47180;81150-47181;81150-47840;81150-48E20;81150-60G90;81150-60G91;81150-60G92;81150-60J90;81150-60J91;81150-60J92;81150-60K30;81150-60K31;81150-60K32;81110-60K31;81110-47180;81110-26540;81110-26480 More
Part Number 90075-60028

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