Taper Screw Plug

About this product

The Taper Screw Plug (#90344-53011), a critical component in the Engine-Fuel Cylinder Block, Head, Manifold, and Radiator & Water Outlet systems, is in charge of sealing off specific sections of the systems. It fits into openings in these systems, providing a secure seal to prevent the escape of fluids or gases. This plug ensures smooth operation of the engine-fuel systems and thus, plays an integral part in the efficient running of your Toyota vehicle. As the Taper Screw Plug (#90344-53011) ages, it may wear out, become clogged or broken. This can result in leaks and inefficiencies and may potentially lead to system failure if not addressed. Regular replacement with genuine Toyota parts is crucial to avoid these issues. Genuine parts offer perfect compatibility and are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In conclusion, the Taper Screw Plug (#90344-53011) plays a significant role in maintaining the operational efficiency and safety of the engine-fuel systems, contributing to the overall performance of your vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 11101-39275;11101-39109;11101-39108;11101-36040;11101-34070;11101-31061;11101-31060;11101-31033;11101-31032;11101-39276;19000-34311;19000-34310;17101-88223;17101-88220;16331-61050;11101-72010;11101-71030;19000-34312;19000-36082;19000-36052;19000-34380;19000-34340;19000-34320;19000-34313 More
Part Number 90344-53011

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