Tight Plug

About this product

The Tight Plug (#96411-01800), an essential component in Toyota's Cylinder Block system, forms part of the Engine-Fuel category. It plays a critical role in maintaining the compression within the cylinder, an integral process in the engine's operation. The Tight Plug (#96411-01800) functions by sealing off certain parts of the cylinder to prevent unwanted gas leakages, thereby maintaining the engine's efficiency. Over time, Tight Plug (#96411-01800)s can age, becoming clogged or damaged. When this occurs, the engine may lose compression, leading to reduced efficiency and potentially significant engine damage. Therefore, periodic replacement of the Tight Plug (#96411-01800) is vital to maintain the vehicle's performance and to avoid costly repairs. By using genuine Toyota parts, compatibility with the vehicle is optimized and the parts are covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Through its role in preserving engine compression, the Tight Plug (#96411-01800) contributes significantly to the overall system efficiency and safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 96411-01800

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