Parking Brake Prate Sub-Assembly Right Hand

About this product

The Parking Brake Prate Sub-Assembly Right Hand (#46503-48020), a key component in the Drive-Chassis category, plays a crucial role within the Parking Brake & Cable system of your Toyota vehicle. This part is primarily responsible for activating the parking brake mechanism, often through a lever or pedal action, ensuring the vehicle remains stationary when parked. Over time, this component can experience wear and tear, which may compromise its operation. If not replaced regularly, a faulty Parking Brake Prate Sub-Assembly Right Hand (#46503-48020) could lead to inefficient operation of the parking brake system, potentially causing your vehicle to move when parked. Investing in genuine Toyota parts not only aids in vehicle compatibility but also provides peace of mind as they are covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Furthermore, this sub-assembly contributes significantly to the safety and efficiency of the entire braking system by maintaining reliable brake functionality.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 46503-48020

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