Back Door Garnish Molding Protector Lower

About this product

The Back Door Garnish Molding Protector Lower (#76822-0E030), a crucial component within the Rear Moulding system, plays a definitive role in preserving the aesthetics and functionality of your Toyota vehicle. As a body part, this protector helps shield the back door's garnish molding from potential damage, thus maintaining vehicle integrity and appearance. With time, the protector might become worn or damaged, possibly exposing the moldings to unwanted elements. Therefore, periodic replacement of this part is vital to prevent potential harm to the molding, which could lead to a decrease in vehicle value. Using genuine Toyota parts is key for compatibility and longevity, and they are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty to give you peace of mind. In essence, the Back Door Garnish Molding Protector Lower (#76822-0E030) plays a subtle, yet essential role in maintaining the overall efficiency and safety of your vehicle, contributing to a seamless and worry-free drive.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 76822-0E030

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