Child Restraint Seat Protector

About this product

An integral component in the Seat Belt system, the Toyota Child Restraint Seat Protector (#73716-42010-E0), serves a crucial role in protecting your vehicle's seats and ensuring the secure and safe installation of child car seats. This auto part is designed to work seamlessly with your Toyota, offering a level of compatibility that genuine parts bring. This component is subjected to frequent use and may wear out over time. If the Child Restraint Seat Protector (#73716-42010-E0) becomes worn or damaged, it might not provide the necessary grip, leading to the movement of the child seat which could compromise safety. Utilizing genuine parts, backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, can help avoid such issues. Overall, the Child Restraint Seat Protector (#73716-42010-E0) is key to maintaining the safety and integrity of your vehicle's seating system, offering peace of mind as you travel with your smallest passengers.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 73716-42010-E0
Color Name Sand Beige

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