Headlamp Cleaner Hose Protector

About this product

The Headlamp Cleaner Hose Protector (#85277-53060), an electrical part in the Headlamp Cleaner system of Toyota vehicles, plays a significant role in maintaining the visibility of your car's headlights. Acting as a shield, it ensures your headlamp cleaner hose is well protected from any potential damage while in operation, allowing effective cleaning of your headlamps to take place. This process is crucial as poor visibility can lead to dangerous driving conditions. Genuine parts like this hose protector are essential for vehicle compatibility and are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. As with any part, the Headlamp Cleaner Hose Protector (#85277-53060) requires periodic replacement. An old or malfunctioning protector can lead to a clogged or damaged hose, impairing the headlamp cleaner's function, and hence, reducing visibility. In summation, the Headlamp Cleaner Hose Protector (#85277-53060) is a vital component that contributes significantly to the overall safety of your vehicle by ensuring your headlights remain clean and functional.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 85277-53060

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