Inverter Protector #3

About this product

The Inverter Protector #3 (#G921G-42010), a crucial component in Toyota's Wiring & Clamp system, safeguards the vehicle’s electrical system by regulating the current flow. As part of its operation, it mitigates the risk of electrical surges that could potentially damage the car’s inverter. This protector, like other electrical components, suffers from wear and tear over time and requires periodic replacement. Failure to replace an aged Inverter Protector #3 (#G921G-42010) could lead to electrical failures and potential damage to the inverter. Genuine Toyota parts are recommended for optimal compatibility and come supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In the overall scheme of your vehicle's electrical system, the Inverter Protector #3 (#G921G-42010) plays an essential role in maintaining electrical integrity, contributing to the system's efficiency and safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number G921G-42010

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