Parking Brake Cable Joint Protector

About this product

The Parking Brake Cable Joint Protector (#46334-35010), a crucial Drive-Chassis component, plays a primary role within the Parking Brake & Cable system by preserving the connection point of the parking brake cables. During operation, it safeguards the joint from physical damage and environmental conditions that can degrade its performance. Over time, this protector may become worn or damaged, negatively impacting the efficacy of the parking brake system. It's crucial to replace it periodically with genuine Toyota parts, which are designed for optimal vehicle compatibility and are supported by Toyota's parts warranty. A dysfunctional Parking Brake Cable Joint Protector (#46334-35010) could lead to a parking brake failure, compromising the vehicle's stationary stability. Hence, this part is vital for the overall safety of the vehicle as it ensures the effectiveness of the parking brake system, thereby providing an added assurance, particularly when the vehicle is parked on a gradient.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 46334-35010

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