Parking Brake Lever Protector Right Hand

About this product

The Parking Brake Lever Protector Right Hand (#47658-47010) is an essential Drive-Chassis part, designed to ensure the optimal performance of your Toyota's Parking Brake & Cable system. This integral component plays a crucial role in safeguarding the function of the parking brake lever, preventing it from undue wear, damage, and interference that could affect its operation. This protector is exclusively designed to maintain the smooth and seamless operation of the parking brake lever. If left unattended or if it ages, the protector could become clogged or damaged, which can significantly affect the efficiency and safety of your vehicle's brake system. Remember, using genuine Toyota parts, such as the Parking Brake Lever Protector Right Hand (#47658-47010), not only aids in maintaining compatibility with your vehicle but also offers coverage under Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In conclusion, the Parking Brake Lever Protector Right Hand (#47658-47010) is a vital component that contributes significantly to the safety and efficiency of your vehicle's braking system. Therefore, it's crucial to regularly maintain and replace it when necessary.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 47658-47010

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