Power Steering Computer Protector

About this product

The Power Steering Computer Protector (#8965A-06030), a foundational component of the Steering Column & Shaft system, safeguards the essential operations of the power steering computer. As an integral Drive-Chassis part, it protects the power steering computer from harmful impacts and disruptions, thereby maintaining optimal steering control and vehicle maneuverability. Known for its durability, this genuine Toyota part is crafted with precision for perfect compatibility with your automobile. However, like any other part, it necessitates periodic replacement due to wear and tear. Ignoring this crucial maintenance step could lead to steering malfunctions, compromising the vehicle's performance and safety. By relying on Toyota's genuine parts and their accompanying warranty, you can rest assured the protector will function efficiently and enhance the safety of your vehicle. The Power Steering Computer Protector (#8965A-06030) remains fundamental to ensuring the integrity and efficient operation of your car's steering system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 8965A-33040
Part Number 8965A-06030

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