Rocker Panel Molding Protector #1

About this product

The Rocker Panel Molding Protector #1 (#75861-AC020), a key component in Toyota's Side Moulding system, provides invaluable protection for the vehicle's body. This auto part shields the rocker panels from debris and potential damage while the vehicle is in operation, helping to maintain the integrity and appearance of your car. It operates synergistically with other parts within the system, such as the door moldings and fender flares. As with all parts, the Rocker Panel Molding Protector #1 (#75861-AC020) requires periodic replacement. If left unchecked, an old or damaged protector could expose the vehicle's body to harmful impacts or corrosion. Genuine Toyota parts, such as our Rocker Panel Molding Protector #1 (#75861-AC020), offer the benefit of seamless vehicle compatibility and are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In conclusion, this part contributes significantly to the vehicle's overall safety and efficiency by safeguarding the bodywork from damage, ensuring your vehicle remains in top condition.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 75861-AC020

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