Rear Body Protector #3

About this product

The Rear Body Protector #3 (#66245-0C050) is an essential auto part within the Rear Body Side Panel system of a vehicle. This part plays a crucial role in shielding the vehicle's body from potential harm and external damage. It functions by providing a protective layer between the vehicle's exterior and interior, thus preventing unwanted dents or scratches. Notably, genuine Toyota parts significantly improve compatibility with your vehicle. Furthermore, these genuine parts come with Toyota's unique parts warranty, offering an add-on perk. Periodic replacement of the Rear Body Protector #3 (#66245-0C050) is necessary because over time, it can wear out, become damaged or lose its functionality. If this occurs, the vehicle is left vulnerable to body damage, which can compromise the aesthetics and structural stability of your vehicle. In essence, the Rear Body Protector #3 (#66245-0C050) contributes to the overall safety and nice appearance of your Toyota car by preventing body damage and maintaining the integrity of the vehicle's structure.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 66245-0C050

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