Slide Door Panel Protector Right Hand

About this product

The Slide Door Panel Protector Right Hand (#58743-08040), a key component in the Slide Roller & Rail system, serves a significant role in safeguarding the door panel from potential damage during operation. Specifically, this protector acts as a shield, preventing direct impact or scratches on the panel when the sliding door is opened or closed. Its function is crucial, as a worn-out or damaged protector can expose the door panel to possible harm, leading to costly repairs. Therefore, periodic replacement of this auto part is vital to maintain the door's integrity. Choosing genuine parts from Toyota Autoparts aids in ensuring optimal compatibility with your vehicle. Additionally, these genuine parts are covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, providing extra peace of mind for your purchase. In conclusion, the Slide Door Panel Protector Right Hand (#58743-08040) is essential for the overall safety of your vehicle's door system, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring smoother operation.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 58743-08040

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