Wiring Harness Protector

About this product

The Wiring Harness Protector (#82817-F4440), a critical part of Toyota's Electrical Antenna and Electrical Wiring & Clamp systems, serves a pivotal role in shielding the wiring harness from potential damage. As systems operate, the protector safeguards the wiring harness from mechanical stress and extreme temperatures, preventing electrical failures and enhancing the system's lifespan. This protector part requires periodic replacement as over time, it may become worn or damaged, which can compromise its protective function. A faulty protector could subject the wiring harness to detrimental conditions, risking electrical system malfunction. By using genuine Toyota parts, you can maintain optimal vehicle compatibility. Plus, Toyota backs these genuine parts with its warranty. Finally, the Wiring Harness Protector (#82817-F4440) significantly contributes to the overall system efficiency and safety, protecting the integrity of the electrical systems while ensuring uninterrupted operation.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 82817-F4440

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