Water Pump Assembly with Motor & Insulator

About this product

The Water Pump Assembly with Motor & Insulator (#G9020-0R010), an integral part of the Radiator & Water Outlet system in Toyota vehicles, plays a primary role in maintaining the engine's optimal temperature. This assembly functions by circulating coolant throughout the engine, dissipating the heat generated during combustion. The key components involved are the water pump, driven by the motor, and the insulator which prevents any electrical faults. Like any auto part, it is subject to wear and tear, necessitating periodic replacement. An aged or clogged water pump assembly can cause significant overheating, leading to severe engine damage. Hence, using genuine Toyota parts is crucial for optimal vehicle compatibility and performance. Notably, all genuine Toyota parts come with the assurance of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This assembly is pivotal to engine efficiency and safety, ensuring a smooth, reliable drive every time.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number G9020-0R010

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