Height Control Pump Sub-Assembly

About this product

The Height Control Pump Sub-Assembly (#48901-60010) is a crucial part in Toyota's Drive-Chassis category, particularly within the Height Control (Auto-Leveler) system. This component plays a primary role in adjusting vehicle height in response to varying load conditions, significantly contributing to handling, stability, and ride comfort. Over time, this part may become worn or clogged, which could result in poor leveling performance and potential system failure. Replacing the Height Control Pump Sub-Assembly (#48901-60010) with a genuine Toyota part not only ensures compatibility but also provides the backing of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In its entirety, the Height Control Pump Sub-Assembly (#48901-60010) enhances the overall efficiency and safety, making for a smoother and more controlled ride experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 48901-60010

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