Quarter Trim Board Assembly Right Hand

About this product

The Quarter Trim Board Assembly Right Hand (#62630-28450-B1), a key component in Toyota's Inside Trim Board system, significantly contributes to the aesthetics and comfort of your vehicle's interior. This body part, typically made of durable plastic or metal, is designed to cover the vehicle's interior panel sections, providing a clean, finished appearance. The assembly has the potential for wear and tear over time and may require replacement to maintain the vehicle's interior appeal and comfort. If this part becomes worn out or damaged, it can detract from the vehicle’s aesthetics and even expose underlying structures, potentially leading to further damage. Genuine Toyota auto parts, such as the Quarter Trim Board Assembly Right Hand (#62630-28450-B1), are recommended for compatibility and come with a warranty, reinforcing Toyota's commitment to quality. In conclusion, this part is critical for maintaining the visual appeal and comfort of your Toyota vehicle, contributing to a pleasant driving experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 62630-95D20-03
Part Number 62630-28450-B1

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