Rear Seat Turn Table Cover

About this product

The Rear Seat Turn Table Cover (#72973-28040-05), categorized under Body parts in the Seat & Seat Track system, is vital for both safety and comfort. This part protects the seat rotation mechanism, enabling the seat to swivel smoothly without obstruction. Genuine Toyota parts like the Rear Seat Turn Table Cover (#72973-28040-05) are designed for compatibility with your specific model, and they're backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Replacement of the Rear Seat Turn Table Cover (#72973-28040-05) is vital, as it can degrade or break over time due to daily wear, which may hinder seat rotation or lead to a bumpy ride. When non-functional, it could potentially damage other Seat & Seat Track components. Ultimately, a well-maintained Rear Seat Turn Table Cover (#72973-28040-05) contributes significantly to the efficiency of your vehicle's seating system, enhancing passenger comfort and safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 72973-28040-05
Color Name Greige

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