Electrical Key & Tire Pressure Monitoring System Receiver Assembly

About this product

The Electrical Key & Tire Pressure Monitoring System Receiver Assembly (#897B0-62010) is a critical part of the Wireless Door Lock system in Toyota vehicles. This electrical part has a dual function - it not only enables the operation of the keyless entry system, but also monitors the tire pressure for safety. It works by receiving signals from the electrical key to lock and unlock doors, while also obtaining tire pressure data to alert the driver of any irregularities. This part, backed by the Toyota genuine parts warranty, should be periodically replaced to avoid malfunction. A worn-out receiver may fail to read tire pressure accurately, posing safety risks, or may not respond to key signals, causing inconvenience. Genuine Toyota parts enhance compatibility and performance. By ensuring smooth operation and tire safety, this assembly significantly contributes to the overall efficiency of the vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 897B0-62010

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