Roof Side Reinforcement Sub-Assembly Inner Right Hand

About this product

The Roof Side Reinforcement Sub-Assembly Inner Right Hand (#61081-35021), a crucial body part in the Side Member system, plays a pivotal role in reinforcing the vehicle's structure and maintaining its integrity. This part operates as a crucial bulwark, enhancing the system's resilience during impacts. This is made possible through the intricate and robust design of this genuine Toyota part, which works in harmony with the vehicle for optimal compatibility. Covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, it validates its assured quality and reliability. The significance of periodic replacement cannot be overstated. As the part ages, the wear and tear could compromise its structural integrity, leading to potential safety risks. Its timely replacement promotes the system's overall efficiency, bolstering the safety of the vehicle and its occupants.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 61081-35020
Part Number 61081-35021

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