Floor Panel Side Reinforcement Left Hand

About this product

The Floor Panel Side Reinforcement Left Hand (#58224-60010), a crucial body part in the Rear Floor Panel & Rear Floor Member system of Toyota vehicles, plays an integral role in fortifying the vehicle's structural integrity. This part aids in supporting and stabilizing the floor panel, providing a crucial layer of protection and rigidity to the vehicle frame. Just as any other part, the Floor Panel Side Reinforcement Left Hand (#58224-60010) can wear over time, which could lead to a compromised vehicle structure and potentially impact safety. Therefore, periodic replacement with genuine Toyota parts is recommended to maintain vehicle compatibility and to benefit from Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In operation, this reinforcement boosts the overall efficiency and safety of the vehicle, fortifying the system in which it is installed and contributing significantly to passenger safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 58224-60010

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