Step Cover Reinforcement Left Hand

About this product

The Step Cover Reinforcement Left Hand (#51788-0C010), a key component within the Front Floor Panel & Front Floor Member system, fortifies the structural integrity of your Toyota vehicle. While the vehicle is in operation, this part helps distribute the energy from any potential impact, thereby minimizing the severity of potential damage. Over time, this component may wear out, leading to a compromised vehicle structure. A worn-out Step Cover Reinforcement Left Hand (#51788-0C010) weakens the overall system, making your vehicle more susceptible to impact damage. Therefore, it is crucial to replace this part periodically. Opting for genuine Toyota parts will uphold the compatibility of your vehicle, benefiting from Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Lastly, the Step Cover Reinforcement Left Hand (#51788-0C010) enhances the safety of your vehicle by reinforcing the step cover, making your vehicle more robust and resilient.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 51788-0C010

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