Brake Control Relay With Bracket

About this product

The Brake Control Relay with Bracket (#89547-0C060), a crucial component in the Abs & Vsc system, serves as an electrical part in your Toyota vehicle. Its primary role is to manage the electrical power for the brake system, ensuring the brakes respond precisely when engaged. It essentially acts as a switch, activating or deactivating the braking system as required. The functionality of this part is paramount, and periodic replacement is critical as an outdated or non-functional brake control relay can result in an unresponsive brake system, posing severe safety risks. For optimal compatibility and efficiency, using genuine Toyota parts is advised. Remember, genuine parts are covered by Toyota's parts warranty, affording you peace of mind. As an integral component of the braking system, the Brake Control Relay with Bracket (#89547-0C060) directly affects the safety and performance of your vehicle, making its upkeep essential.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 89547-0C020
Part Number 89547-0C060

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