Skid Control Relay

About this product

The Skid Control Relay (#88263-21010), a critical component within Toyota's Electrical Abs & Vsc, Electronic Modulated Suspension, and Switch & Relay & Computer systems, primarily maintains vehicular stability and control. It works by detecting significant divergences in wheel speed during acceleration or deceleration, triggering appropriate responses to prevent skidding or loss of control. The relay, along with other vital parts, forms a complex network that directs electrical signals to various components. As the relay ages or gets damaged, it might fail to relay these crucial commands accurately, causing potential skidding or instability. Therefore, it's essential to consider periodic replacement of the Skid Control Relay (#88263-21010). Using genuine Toyota parts, including the Skid Control Relay (#88263-21010), is highly recommended for seamless compatibility. Besides, these quality parts come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In essence, the Skid Control Relay (#88263-21010) helps enhance the vehicle's safety and handling efficiency, contributing to a safer and smoother driving experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 88263-21010

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