Transmission Control Relay

About this product

The Transmission Control Relay (#89531-60050) is a critical component within the Switch & Relay & Computer system of your Toyota vehicle. As an electrical part, it plays a primary role in managing and controlling the operation of the transmission system. Essentially, it works as a switch, enabling the flow of power to the transmission solenoids. Periodic replacement of the Transmission Control Relay (#89531-60050) is crucial as over time, this part can become worn or damaged. If it becomes non-functional, this could lead to irregular shifting patterns or total loss of gear shifting capability. Opting for genuine Toyota parts, such as the Transmission Control Relay (#89531-60050), not only ensures compatibility with your vehicle but is also backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In conclusion, a fully functioning Transmission Control Relay (#89531-60050) is key to the efficiency of the transmission system, directly impacting the vehicle's performance and safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 89531-60050

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