Remanufactured Computer Engine Control

About this product

The Remanufactured Computer Engine Control (#89661-14720-84) is a vital electrical part in the Electronic Fuel Injection System category for Toyota. Its pivotal role is to manage and regulate fuel injection, ensuring optimal engine performance and efficiency. The intricate network of sensors and microprocessors within this part communicate and coordinate with different parts of the engine to maintain optimal fuel-air mix for combustion. As a remanufactured part, it's vital to replace this element periodically. An old or non-functional Computer Engine Control might lead to erratic engine behavior, poor fuel efficiency, and even potential engine failure. Genuine Toyota parts, like this one, optimize vehicle compatibility and are backed under Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In summary, the Remanufactured Computer Engine Control (#89661-14720-84) significantly contributes to an efficient and safe driving experience by managing and optimizing your engine's performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 89661-14720
Part Number 89661-14720-84

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