Remanufactured Computer Engine Control Module

About this product

The Remanufactured Computer Engine Control Module (#89661-06B31-84), a crucial electrical part within the Electronic Fuel Injection System, plays a pivotal role in managing the engine's operation. This module monitors the engine's sensors, adjusting variables such as fuel mixture and ignition timing to achieve optimal performance. Genuine parts like this one are crucial for vehicle compatibility, and Toyota backs them with a genuine parts warranty. As this module ages, it can malfunction or fail completely, leading to irregular engine performance or even a non-starting engine. Regular replacement is thus essential to maintain peak engine performance. By managing the engine's operation efficiently, this module aids in increasing the engine's life and maintaining the safety of your vehicle, contributing to a smooth and safe driving experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 89661-06B30;89661-06B30-84
Part Number 89661-06B31-84

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