Back Door Garnish Retainer #2

About this product

The Back Door Garnish Retainer #2 (#76827-52010), a crucial component in Toyota's Rear Moulding system, serves an essential role in keeping the back door garnish, or decoration, firmly in place. This Body part is strategically designed to secure the garnish, preventing it from loosening or falling off during the vehicle's operation. It is imperative that genuine Toyota parts are used to maintain optimal compatibility and performance. Toyota's genuine parts warranty supports these components. Over time, the Retainer may deteriorate, become clogged or break. If this occurs, the garnish may become loose or fall off, potentially causing damage to the rear moulding system. Therefore, it's necessary to periodically replace this component to maintain the overall integrity and aesthetics of your Toyota vehicle. In conclusion, the Back Door Garnish Retainer #2 (#76827-52010) plays a substantial role in maintaining the aesthetic appeal and the safety of the Rear Moulding system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 76827-52010

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