Door Trim Retainer

About this product

The Door Trim Retainer (#67771-20110), a vital component of the Body Front Door Panel & Glass system and the Body Rear Door Panel & Glass system, serves a crucial role in your Toyota vehicle. It secures the door trim panels, contributing to the overall aesthetic and functionality of the car's interior. Genuine Toyota parts, such as the Door Trim Retainer (#67771-20110), offer compatibility with your vehicle and come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Periodic replacement of the Door Trim Retainer (#67771-20110) is essential for maintaining its function. If the part becomes aged, broken, or non-functional, it can lead to loose or falling trim panels which can be both a nuisance and a safety hazard. By maintaining the integrity of the door trim, the Door Trim Retainer (#67771-20110) not only preserves the interior look of your car but also contributes to the overall safety by helping to prevent loose objects within the vehicle during motion.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 67771-20110

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