Front Fender Liner Retainer

About this product

The Front Fender Liner Retainer (#53879-22030), a crucial component in the Body Hood & Front Fender and Body Suspension Crossmember & Under Cover systems, plays a pivotal role in the stability and protection of these components. Its function is primarily to secure the fender liner to the vehicle to prevent shaking or dislocation during operation. Genuine Toyota parts like the Front Fender Liner Retainer (#53879-22030) are designed for perfect compatibility with your vehicle and come supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. As this part ages, it may become loose or broken, jeopardizing the secure positioning of the fender liner. This can lead to potentially damaging contact between moving parts, causing premature wear and tear. Regular replacement of this part is thus recommended. In optimal condition, the Front Fender Liner Retainer (#53879-22030) contributes to improved vehicle stability and reduced wear on the fender and related components.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 53879-22030

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