Fuel Filler Opening Lid Lock Retainer

About this product

The Fuel Filler Opening Lid Lock Retainer (#77377-WB001), a critical body part of the Fuel Tank & Tube system, is instrumental in securing the lid to the fuel filler opening. This prevents unauthorized access or accidental spillage. This Toyota Autoparts' genuine part guarantees perfect vehicle compatibility and is covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The role of this retainer is essential, and over time, it may wear out or become damaged. A faulty retainer could lead to fuel leakage, loss, or even contamination - leading to potential vehicle breakdowns. Therefore, periodic replacement is necessary to maintain optimal performance. Ultimately, a functioning Fuel Filler Opening Lid Lock Retainer (#77377-WB001) contributes to the safety and efficiency of your Toyota vehicle, ensuring an uninterrupted fuel supply and maintaining vehicle integrity.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 77377-WB001

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