Fuel Pump Gauge Retainer

About this product

The Toyota Fuel Pump Gauge Retainer (#77144-WB001) is a vital component within the Fuel Tank & Tube system. This auto part's primary role is to secure the fuel pump gage in place, ensuring optimum performance and accurate fuel measurement. It functions by holding the fuel pump gage securely, preventing shifts or displacements that could lead to inaccuracies or malfunction. Over time, the retainer can wear out, become clogged, or break. Using genuine Toyota parts can help prevent compatibility issues and come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. If left unchecked, a non-functional retainer can cause incorrect fuel readings and potential system failures, leading to safety risks and reduced vehicle efficiency. Therefore, periodic replacement of the Fuel Pump Gauge Retainer (#77144-WB001) is critical to maintain the accurate operation of the Fuel Tank & Tube system. Its role contributes significantly to the overall vehicle safety and fuel system efficiency.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 77144-WB001

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