Outside Molding Retainer #1

About this product

The Outside Molding Retainer #1 (#75392-0E010), a pivotal component in Toyota's Side Moulding system, plays a crucial role in the body part assembly. It secures the outside molding in place, providing a flush and smooth external finish to the vehicle while protecting the side panel from damage. Genuine Toyota Outside Molding Retainer #1 (#75392-0E010) is specifically designed for maximum compatibility with your Toyota model, backed by the assurance of Toyota's Genuine Parts Warranty. Failure to replace this part periodically can lead to loose or even damaged molding, disrupting the aesthetics and risking more significant bodywork damage. A functional retainer is essential for maintaining the car's look and preventing unnecessary repair costs. Its contribution to the overall efficiency is subtle but significant, adding to the vehicle's aerodynamics and reducing wind resistance, which can affect fuel consumption and drive quality.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 75392-0E010

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