Radio Tuner Finish Retainer

About this product

The Radio Tuner Finish Retainer (#55417-06020), an essential part of the Instrument Panel & Glove Compartment system, significantly contributes to the aesthetics and functionality of a Toyota vehicle. This part provides a secure housing for the radio tuner, ensuring it remains in the correct position while in operation. Genuine parts like these are crucial for vehicle compatibility and are supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. If the retainer becomes worn out, breaks, or malfunctions, the radio tuner may shift or become unstable, potentially disrupting its functionality or causing damage. An optimally functioning retainer increases overall vehicle efficiency by maintaining the proper position and stability of the radio tuner. Its periodic replacement prevents any possible inconveniences and contributes to the safety and pleasure of your driving experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 55417-06020

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