Rocker Panel Molding Retainer Left Hand

About this product

The Rocker Panel Molding Retainer Left Hand (#75862-04010), classified under Body parts in the Moulding system, is of significant importance for Toyota vehicles. This component is primarily responsible for securing the rocker panel moldings - the protective coverings found along the sides of a car, just beneath the doors. Functioning effectively, it keeps the molding in place, protecting the vehicle from rocks, debris, and other potential damage. Like other vehicle parts, the Rocker Panel Molding Retainer Left Hand (#75862-04010) is subject to wear and tear, and thus, requires periodic replacement. If left unattended, a worn or broken retainer may fail to hold the molding properly, exposing the vehicle to potential damage. Using genuine Toyota parts like the Rocker Panel Molding Retainer Left Hand (#75862-04010) ensures vehicle compatibility and is backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This part is a crucial contributor to the overall protection and stability of the vehicle's exterior, making it an integral part of the efficiency and safety of the system it's installed in.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 75862-04010

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