Rocker Panel Molding Retainer

About this product

The Rocker Panel Molding Retainer (#75866-AC010), a pivotal Body part within the Side Moulding system of your Toyota vehicle, serves a key role in maintaining the vehicle's aesthetics and structural integrity. It securely holds the rocker panel molding in place, assisting in the overall function and operation of the Side Moulding system. Genuine Toyota parts, like this retainer, significantly contribute to overall vehicle compatibility. They fit perfectly and are designed to the same exacting standards as the original parts. Toyota's genuine parts warranty backs all these genuine components. Over time, this retainer may wear or break due to constant exposure to elements like road debris and harsh weather. If not replaced periodically, a malfunctioning retainer can compromise the secure fit of the rocker panel molding, impacting the vehicle's look and potentially its structural safety. By maintaining this small but essential component, you contribute to the overall efficiency and safety of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 75866-AC010

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