Fuel Injector Back-Up Ring #3

About this product

The Fuel Injector Back-Up Ring #3 (#23258-36010), an essential component in the Engine-Fuel category, plays a pivotal role in the Fuel Injection System. Its principal task is to create a safe and efficient seal, preventing any fuel leaks from the injector. The ring works in tandem with other components in the fuel injection system, enhancing its overall performance. The Back-Up Ring, like all auto parts, is subject to wear and tear and will require replacement over time. If not replaced, it can lead to fuel leakage, causing the engine to run inefficiently and possibly endangering the safety of vehicle occupants. Toyota Autoparts recommends using genuine parts to achieve optimal compatibility with your vehicle. Genuine parts are supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, offering peace of mind to our customers. The Fuel Injector Back-Up Ring #3 (#23258-36010)'s role in maintaining fuel efficiency and safety underlines the importance of periodic replacement and maintenance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 23258-36010

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