Hole Snap Ring

About this product

The Hole Snap Ring (#90521-73001), a critical component in the Front Drive Shaft system of the Drive-Chassis category, plays an essential role in maintaining the shaft's alignment and stability. The Hole Snap Ring (#90521-73001) functions by fitting into a groove in the shaft, preventing lateral movement and ensuring smooth operation. Utilizing genuine Toyota Autoparts, such as the Hole Snap Ring (#90521-73001), is crucial to maintain vehicle compatibility and performance. Plus, these are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. When this part becomes old, clogged, or non-functional, it can lead to an unstable drive shaft, causing vibrations and potentially dangerous driving conditions. Hence, periodic replacement is necessary. In conclusion, the Hole Snap Ring (#90521-73001) is a small but vital part that contributes significantly to the system's safety and efficiency. It ensures a smooth, safe ride by keeping the drive shaft secure and stable.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90521-73001

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