O Ring

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The O Ring (#90301-11019), a crucial component in the Drive-Chassis Transaxle Assy and Engine-Fuel Engine Oil Pump systems in Toyota vehicles, serves as a sealing element. It is designed to prevent the leakage of fluids or gases, thereby ensuring optimal system performance. As part of its role, the O Ring (#90301-11019) interacts with other mechanical parts, creating a closed system that reduces the chance of leakages. Over time, the O Ring (#90301-11019) may wear out or break, which can lead to fluid or gas leaks, reduced system performance, and potential damage to other components. Thus, periodic replacement of this part is vital. Always remember to use genuine Toyota parts for best compatibility with your vehicle. These parts are covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. By maintaining the integrity of the system in which it is installed, the O Ring (#90301-11019) contributes to the overall efficiency and safety of the vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90301-11019

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