O Ring

About this product

The O Ring (#90301-22019), a vital part in the Drive-Chassis category and a component of the Transaxle Assy(Cvt) system, plays a crucial role in the sealing operations within your Toyota vehicle. This small yet significant part creates a tight seal between two components, blocking potential pathways for the escape or entry of fluids or gases. If the O Ring (#90301-22019) becomes worn out, clogged, or malfunctions, it could lead to leaks, pressure loss, or even system failure. Therefore, periodic replacement of this genuine Toyota part is essential to maintain optimal performance and prevent costly repairs. All genuine Toyota parts, including the O Ring (#90301-22019), are designed for perfect fit and compatibility with your vehicle, and are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In contributing to the overall efficiency of the vehicle, the O Ring (#90301-22019) ensures that all other components in the system work in harmony by preventing unnecessary leakage or pressure variations, thus promoting vehicular safety and long-term performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90301-22019

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