O Ring

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The O Ring (#90301-92005), a crucial engine-fuel component in the Camshaft & Valve system of a Toyota automobile, plays a primary role in maintaining an airtight seal. It carries out its function by fitting into a groove and being compressed between two or more parts, creating a seal at the interface. This simple yet essential part is designed to prevent the leakage of fluids or gases, ensuring optimal performance and safety. Over time, the O Ring (#90301-92005) can deteriorate or become clogged, compromising the seal it provides. This affects the system's efficiency, possibly leading to leakages or malfunctions. Genuine Toyota O Ring (#90301-92005)s are highly recommended for compatibility and are covered under Toyota's genuine parts warranty. By maintaining a secure seal, the O Ring (#90301-92005) aids in the overall efficiency of the Camshaft & Valve system, contributing to safe and reliable vehicular operation.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90301-92005

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