Shaft Snap Ring

About this product

The Shaft Snap Ring (#90520-29026), a critical component within Toyota's Propeller Shaft & Universal Joint system, plays a vital role in securing the alignment of the various shaft components. It safeguards the integrity of the drive-chassis by keeping the shaft components in their correct position, which is essential for smooth operation and preventing wear and tear. However, like any mechanical part, the Shaft Snap Ring (#90520-29026) is subjected to constant stress, which can lead to wear over time. It is crucial to replace it periodically to prevent potential damage, misalignment, or even system failure caused by a broken or worn-out snap ring. Always remember, using genuine Toyota Autoparts ensures optimal compatibility with your vehicle and is backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This Shaft Snap Ring (#90520-29026), when functioning correctly, significantly contributes to the overall efficiency, safety, and performance of your vehicle's Propeller Shaft & Universal Joint system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 37402-36060
Part Number 90520-29026

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